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Serendib Hotels and Resorts is the gateway to Hospitality and Tourism in Malawi, with its six distinctive destinations.

As the fastest growing hospitality provider striving to change the tourism landscape in Malawi. Our intention is to build momentum to introduce innovative tourism services and products in the “ Warm Heart of Africa” .

Serendib Hotels playing field is continuously expanding by creating a unique Brand, while acquiring, restoring and renovating existing reputable establishments. We must accept that we are not afraid to take risks, to be the front runners and to reinvent ourselves in this ever evolving tourism and hospitality industry.

Our passion is to continuously exceed our guests’ expectations through delivering an overriding commitment to excellence, variety, quality, warmth and service with a trusted flair. Our passion to serving others resonates beyond the walls of our hotels in the six distinctive destinations. It guides our ambitious corporate social responsibility policy, to which we are deeply rooted. We are driven by this passion which is embedded in the heart of our corporate values, which inspires us in all our actions and propels us towards new growth opportunities in uncharted territories.

Through the Gateway to Hospitality our guests explore our hotels and resorts which are designed to provide an authentic and memorable stay.

“Your gatetway to hospitality ” with 6 distinctive destinations in the “Warm Heart Of Africa”.



Serendib Suits and Conference Centre

Lotus by Serendib

Heritage by Serendib

Blue Waters by Serendib

Kambiri by Serendib

Zaburi by Serendib

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